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List of the Best Instagram Hashtag Generators to Use

Are you tired of getting the same amounts of likes and comments on your pictures on Instagram? Even though you have pulled all your creative skills while writing a caption. Use of inappropriate or no hashtags may be causing this problem. Don’t worry, as we will solve your problem as today we share the list of the best Instagram hashtag generators to use that will increase your reach.

Hashtags boost your traffic on Instagram. Perhaps using one proper hashtag within your post generates 12.6% more activity. That’s why adding a hashtag attracts more followers and engagements on your account.

Read more as we are going to reveal the list of the Best Hashtag Generator.

How does Instagram Hashtag Generator work?

Instagram Hashtag Generator works on the similar pattern of Google. However, the Insta hashtag generator shows results based on Instagram activity. Suppose you are posting a picture of a museum. To generate high traffic and relevant hashtags for the museum picture, you must put “museum” in the search bar and click done. 

The next second Instagram Hashtag Generator will show you the list of the most relevant hashtag. Use them to see the difference in your Instagram reach.

7 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator to Use

Before we get started, it’s important to note that if you want to be Instagram popular, you need to be using the most popular and latest trending hashtags out there. In order to best accomplish this, we recommend using the following seven Instagram hashtag generators. 

They are:

  1. Flick
  2. Inflact
  3. Hashtags For Likes
  5. Kicksta
  6. BigBangram 
  7. Instavast

Stay tuned as we will review all the above-mentioned Instagram hashtag generators with you.

Flick – No.1 Instagram Hashtag Generator

Top-ranked Instagram hashtag generator, Flick, offers you everything to boost your public profile. Flick gives you the list of best hashtags and provides you insight into hashtags’ reach and activity.

Flick suggests the relevant hashtags and shows you the performance of a unique hashtag. This hashtag generator works in 20 languages and doesn’t provide flagged or banned hashtags to you.

The key pros of Flick are:

  • Easy to use this generator
  • Offers free resources to teach you about Instagram logarithm
  • Safe to use and run official Instagram API so your account won’t be hacked

However, the cons of Flick are:

  • You have to pay $10 per month to run Flick
  • Only offers you hashtags for Instagram

Inflact – A multifaceted Instagram tool

If you are searching for a multipurpose tool for your Instagram, then Inflact is your go-to place. Also, you can find relevant hashtags on this platform. In addition, give your keyword, picture, or URL to Inflact, and it will provide you with the best hashtags. That’s why Vogue used this tool to gain 15k new followers. It isn’t that amazing!

However, the pros of Inflact are:

  • Use can search hashtags for five keywords simultaneously.
  • Quick, accurate, and easy-to-use hashtag generator for Instagram.
  • Supported by Al-based technology

The cons of Inflact includes

  • You have to pay $22 to run Inflact on your account.
  • Inflact only offers a list of hashtags for Instagram.

HashtagsForLikes – A powerful hashtag generator tool

HashtagsForLikes have everything sorted out for you. This tool will serve you with the best yet trending hashtags for your niche. And by using these hashtags, your profile will go higher on Instagram search. In addition, HashtagForLikes works for both Instagram and Twitter. Thereby, attract genuine followers to your accounts.

The pros of HashtagsForLikes are

  • Provides separate hashtags list for Instagram and Twitter
  • Work best for business accounts and fashion brands
  • Offers free version to their new users

However, the cons are

  • For the premium version of this tool, you have to pay more than 15$ per month.

SISTRIX – The hub of popular hashtags

SISTRIX is the hub of popular hashtags as it enables you to generate the best and relevant hashtags for your post. In addition, SISTRIX proves to be good at increasing your account’s likes and followers. Perhaps SISTRIX results are based on the data of 15 billion hashtag combinations. Isn’t that huge!

The pros of SISTRIX are:

  • It gives you a list of 30 hashtags per keyword
  • Updates its data regularly
  • SISTRIX data comprises 7.7 million different hashtags

However, the cons are:

  • SISTRIX doesn’t offer its services for free
  • Limited features only available for Instagram

Kicksta – Helps you to grow followers

If you are looking for a platform to increase your Instagram followers side by side by finding relevant hashtags, then Kicksta is the tool to use. In addition, this hashtag generator is easy to use and includes a search box where you can add your keyword to find the best hashtags. 

The pros of Kicksta are

  • Multipurpose tool for Instagram
  • Easy to use and offers you essential services for free

However, the cons are

  • Don’t have any advanced hashtag search for Instagram
  • Ask you for a sign-up account

If you are a fashion Influencer on social media, Kicksta would be a great resource to get started with. Not only do they have an excellent hashtag generator, they are also a well-known name in the influencer space.

BigBangram – Great Hashtag Generator

BigBangram offers you both free and paid versions to generate hashtags for your Instagram. It’s a simple tool that requires you to enter the keyword in the search bar and then show relevant hashtags for that keyword. The paid version is more beneficial as it gives you hashtag analysis and customizes your keyword options.

The pros of BigBangram includes

  • Popular among influencers, business brands, and celebrities
  • Simple, easy, and quick to use
  • It gives you basic options free of cost
  • Offers hashtags for multiple social media apps

However, the cons are

  • You have to buy a premium account to do extensive hashtags research.

Instavast – Boost your Instagram engagement

The Instavast comes last in our list of the best Instagram hashtag generator. However, Instavast enables you to find hashtags by giving the generator a keyword, picture, or URL of your post. That’s why this tool allows you to grow your post engagement on the picture-sharing platform.

Instavast, as compared to other tools, is new, and its audience is growing day by day. Therefore, it’s hard for us to study Instavast pros and cons.

How to Get the Most Out of Hashtags on Instagram

We have already discussed the list of the best Instagram hashtag generator with you. So apply those Hashtag tags to increase your reach among other Instagrammers and promote awareness with your content. 

To learn more about what methods are working best on social media, be sure to read through our influencer marketing guide.