Home App PantryMeals: An amazing platform for Foodies and Chef Enthusiasts

PantryMeals: An amazing platform for Foodies and Chef Enthusiasts

No wonder cooking is indeed a beautiful process. For some people, it can be a hobby, or for other people, it can be a part of their daily routine. No matter what people’s relationship is with the kitchen, cooking takes significant time and effort. That’s where mobile apps help numerous people to learn different cuisine instantly. These apps offer step-by-step instructions to help to make delicious dishes or meals.

Recently, Mobulous, a mobile app and website development company, created a cooking or recipe app, the pantry meal app, for one of our clients.

What is the PantryMeals app all about?

The pantry meal app is a recently launched mobile app and website food-focused social network where everyone is a chef. It gives a platform to everyone who loves cooking and tries creating some delicious recipe that makes them a home chef. The app is available for both major platforms, including ios, android, and all the website browsers. The app is mainly for the foodie people all across the globe.

The app enables users with numerous facilities such as finding and sharing the best dishes, connecting with foodies and chef enthusiasts, getting instruction to learn the best recipes and cultural cuisines found on the internet, and many more. The best thing about the app is that it helps the users to discover fantastic recipes from its massive recipe library, no matter what ingredients they have. All they need to do is add their available ingredients in Pantry under their user profile, and the PantryMeals app provides you a list of the best recipes they can make instantly with those ingredients.

What does an ideal cooking app look like?

Here are the following top features that make an ideal cooking app:

  • The app must allow users to get the information quickly and can use the app while cooking.
  • The app must have UI that can be adjusted to work across numerous devices and screens.
  • The app must allow users to customize recipes from other sources and exchange recipes through social networks.
  • The app must have an essential built-in tool to help users calculate calorie intake or unit conversion.

Some of the popular available cookery or recipe app for users all across the globe:

  • Food Network in the Kitchen
  • Oh She Glows
  • Great British Chefs Kids HD
  • Kitchen Stories
  • Fit men cook

Top features included in the PantryMeals App

  • User’s profile

This feature allows users to create a profile according to their desire. After creating a profile, users can share their best dishes, connect with new people, chef enthusiasts, and learn the best dishes.

  • My Pantry

This feature allows users to add the list of ingredients that are available at their homes to create the recipe. So, make delicious and yummiest foods with ingredients that you already have in your Pantry.

  • Shopping list

Another essential feature included in the PantryMeals app is the shopping list. With these features, users can add the list of ingredients they require to make the recipe. This feature will help users to get the required ingredients instantly.

  • Upload new recipe

This feature allows users to share the picture of the recipe with others. With these features, users can mention the name of the recipe, the description or the cooking process of the recipe, the time taken to make the recipe, recipe type, the type of the cuisine, and other stuff in their picture. This feature helps other users to get the complete details of the food recipe.

  • Search

The search feature allows users to search for the different food recipes or cuisine they want to make. With these features, users can instantly get the complete recipe of food and proper guidelines. It also helps users to make a delicious meal like a chef, most simply at home.

  • Push Notification

Every app is incomplete without a push notification feature. Push notification is an essential feature that helps users get notified about all the things happening in their app. This feature helps users to stay connected with the app.

Final Words

The PantryMeals app is one of the best apps for people who love cooking and wants to learn new dishes. This article discussed the top features that we have included in the pantry meal app. No wonder the app market is flooded with lots of cooking apps for IOS and Android app, but the PantryMeals app is something different.

If you are looking to create a cooking app like the PantryMeals app, then you are in the right place. At Mobulous, India, we have a fully specialized team of developers, designers, analysts that can help to make your dream true with the desirable mobile apps or websites for your business. Do contact us instantly and get the service at a reasonable price.