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How To Activate MetroPcs Phone For Free / Activate Metro By T-mobile

MetroPCS is also known as Metro by T-Mobile. It is an American wireless service provider. It was established in 1994 as a general wireless telecommunication service by  Malcolm Lorang and Roger Linquist. This brand was initially the Metro pcs. Later it was joined by the T-Mobile company which had increased the company’s followers and also the buyers. Hence, its name changed to Metro by T-Mobile.

Metropcs an ordinary company till it was merged with the T-mobile company. Later it became very famous due to updated features great deals and great offers.

Earlier, the metro pcs company used to give the older 3G network offers. Later, they got updated to a 5G network

In Metro pcs, pcs refers to Personal Communication Service. It is launched in 2002. It is a cheap cellphone company, especially for metrosexuals allowing the user to talk through voice or video, text, and communicate. A student who has a desire to study abroad, but leaves his parents for the first time, wants to spend all of his free time talking to his parents and it requires more internet. Therefore, he is suggested to use the metro pcs phone. 

How To Activate Metro By T-Mobile For Free

MetroPCS run on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network. A very good thing about metro pcs is that it has the best calling, talk time, and internet plans for a very cheap rate.

Metro ranked no.1 in 2018 and 2019 in customer experience among non-contract full service. It is offering four data plans along with a selection of 31 smartphones as of 18 March 2019.

If you have bought a new metro by T-mobile phone from nearer metropcs shops, you are provided with a sim card but if you are buying a used phone, you need to call the company to replace it with the metro phone.

How to activate the metro pcs for free?

Activating the metropcs phone is a very easy process that only requires some of your personal information and the IMEI number that is available on the back side of your phone box. You can activate them freely. There are many ways to activate the metropcs phone for free

  1. Calling the customer care related to metro pcs department.
  2. Going to the nearer store, to activate.
  3. Activating it by yourself online.

You need to have a metropcs sim card and your account credentials or Facebook account or Google account to activate your metropcs phone.

How to activate the Metropcs phone by calling customer service?

For this, you need to dial the 888 number from another phone besides the one which will activate and changed to the metropcs phone.The customer service instructs you and help you in activating the phone.You need to submit your personal information along with the IMEI number if your phone is a new one.

How to activate the Metropcs for free by dialing?

One need to dial 228 to activate the metropcs phone for free. The process is automatic. It creates an account by recording your personal information.

How to activate the Metro pcs by visiting Metro pcs store

The best way is to visit the nearer Mero by T-Mobile store if you are not technically good to activate metro pcs phone by yourself. When you visit the store, they just ask you for your personal information and they will create an account immediately. Then, they activate your MetroPCS phone without your involvement.

Activating a metro pcs is very easy if you already have an existing metropcs account. If you already have a metro pcs account, the following steps will help you to activate your metro pcs phone.

  • Take out the sim card from your old phone.
  • Put that sim card into your new phone.
  • Then, allow the network to initialize.

Through this process, you can activate your metropcs phone with your existing account.

How to activate a metropcs phone for free online?

The following are the steps to activate a metro by T-mobile account for free online

  • Open the internet web browser.
  • Then, open the metropcs official website.
  • There, you asked to fill in your details and the IMEI number.
  • Then, the phone gets activated automatically to the metropcs phone.

How To Activate Metro by T-mobile

Metropcs offers mobiles with great net and talk time offers. This company provides great deals monthly and also during black Friday. Hopefully, you are now aware of how to activate the metro pcs phone in a new or existing phone.

Finally, the below-written article concludes that if you are a person who wants more unlimited internet service and unlimited talk time, proceed with the metropcs phone. It will have great talk time and 5G offers. If you require a branded phone or a phone with good camera quality, good battery backup, and good storage capacity go for a normal phone with all these qualities and don’t prefer the metro pcs phone. 

FAQs On MetroPCS

Do metropcs have free phone activation?

Yes, it has free phone activation for all clients.

How do I activate my Metro by T- mobile account for free?

It is similar to that of signing in online.

Could I activate my metro account without a SIM card?

Yes, you can, but you need to go into the store or you need to call customer service.