Home App MansaMusa: A Shopping Ecommerce App offering Amazing Products

MansaMusa: A Shopping Ecommerce App offering Amazing Products

In the time of Quarantine, Our company, Mobulous, has been still working unbelievably amazing and recently developed an amazing app named MansaMusa. Yes, our dedicated coders and developers (working from home) built a great app for one of our clients from the UAE. The app was recently updated on 21st March 2020. Are you all wondering what’s new in this app? So, here, meet our newly launched app MansaMusa that is now live on the Mobulous Live List.

About MansaMusa

Mansa Musa is the first eCommerce app offering all the types of products at one roof. MansaMusa is a platform that allows users to buy and sell all kinds of products online. With the help of this app, UAE inhabitants can share their tasks and work to create thousands of work opportunities for everyone in the UAE. With this best eCommerce development services, all the UAE seller can provide their amazing products to the UAE customers. All the UAE sellers will have to pay a yearly subscription if they want to access all the features of the seller panel of the MansaMusa system.

Mansa Musa System is the platform that links the best suppliers with all consumers online so that they can have the best products and the best effective prices in the UAE e-commerce space. The app is available on both top platforms – Android and iOS. You can also choose the language according to your preference: Arabic and English. MansaMusa app is bundled with amazing features and functionalities that provide seamless experiences to the users.

Features of the MansaMusa Application

My profile: On my profile section, you can adjust the information, profile photos, and banners.

My items: With my items option feature, you can edit the price, name, quantities, and discount (given) of the product. Also, you can delete the products if you don’t want that product. Edit as per your choice!

My orders: You can follow up with the coming ordering process. And once the order ready, you can notify the MansaMusa driver to come and pick up the order for delivery.

Payment Gateway: The payment gateway used is the CCAvenue.


My Sales Report: With the Sales Report feature, you can track and the total revenue and the total number of products sold monthly. Also, the bestselling day and best product of the day can be analyzed per month as well.

My Balance: The users or sellers can see all the transaction that was made. You can transfer the money to the bank account or to collect it from the given local exchange company. All the transactions are possible now!

Invite friends: Invite friends in-app feature is the excellent tactics to entice more users to your platform. With the MansaMusa Invite friend option, users and sellers will get exciting offers. More you will invite your friends, the more you will earn.

Ask for help: If you require any help and support, then you can post a request to get help from MansaMusa team.

Switch to option (coming soon): With the switch to feature, the seller can go to the buyer panel and buy things that they need.
Also, sales will give a chance for anyone to take a percentage of the yearly subscription if that guy brings a new seller to the MansaMusa system.

How can buyers use the MansaMusa app?

All the UAE consumers or buyers can register themselves easily, or they can also use the app as a guest without registration. Any user can go and add products to their carts. After adding the desire products that they want to purchase, they can check out and fill the information needed as Name, Mobile Name, Email address, and location so the orders can be delivered. The customers can choose either they want to pay the bill in the form of cash or by card. If they choose to pay by card where they can use the payment gateway, which is CCAvenue.

All the confirmation and the process of the product delivery will be reached to customers as emails and “notifications if they are registered.” Customers can also give their feedback on the products and suppliers.

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