Home App PaginAzul and PaginAzul Driver: Delivering business to consumer’s doorstep

PaginAzul and PaginAzul Driver: Delivering business to consumer’s doorstep

Hello everyone. We are really excited to reveal to you our newly launched mobile apps – PaginAzul and PaginAzul Driver – the result of many hours of research and development of the Mobulous team. PaginAzul and PaginAzul Driver, where users can get a wide range of services. The app is amazingly designed with easy-to-use and intuitive features.
Here, in this article, we will let you know everything about our app PaginAzul and PaginAzul Driver.

About PaginAzul

PaginAzul is an amazing service application with amazing features and functionalities. The app is created for one of our Portguel clients that bring together professionals and users who require any service “right away. To get the service, users need to click on the service category they require and request a quote inquiry. After making a quote request, they will receive several proposals from duly qualified professionals for comparative price analysis. Users can closely review of service providers (based on your assessments, rates, proximity, etc.); and can accept the offer through PaginAzul.”

When users accept the offer, the PaginAzul allows them to contact the professional directly via phone call or LIVE CHAT within the platform. PaginAzul tracks when the service starts when it ends and the provider is paid on time, with the approval of the final invoice, all via PaginAzul. As soon as the job is done, users can evaluate the service provider so that others know about your experience with that provider.

About PaginAzul Driver

PaginAzul Driver is almost equipped with the same features and functions as PaginAzul. The app allows users to enhance their income by working with the delivery of requests made online. After becoming Paginazul Driver, you can provide customers the food and products they enjoy at their favorite restaurants and stores. Now, you must be wondering why to become a PaginAzul Driver? What are the benefits of becoming a PaginAzul Driver?

Well, there are plenty of benefits to become a paginAzul Driver. Here, we have listed some of the significant benefits:

Earn a Good Money

PaginAzul driver app allows you to earn competitive money. And, you can also keep 100% of your tips as a Paginazul delivery person.

Work Whenever You Want

With the PaginAzul driver, you can work according to your choice. Whether you want to work part-time, full-time, or in your spare time, that’s all up to you. The app allows you to schedule your time in advance or have the flexibility to deliver on short notice.

Be Your Own Boss

The main purpose of creating the Paginazul Driver app is to help users increase their income by making deliveries, tracking their hours, seeing how much they have earned, and managing their schedule.
Hence, when users download the Paginazul Driver application and sign up for work, they will receive all the support and guidance from the professionals’ Paginazul team.

Top features that we have integrated with a PaginAzul App

Log in or Sign up

Users can log in to the app by adding their personal details such as name, address, and phone number.
Additionally, they can also quickly log in to the app by integrating their social media app.

Real-time Chat

One of the most advanced features that the PaginAzul App has for users is Live Chat. With the Live Chat feature, you can easily contact the professionals via live chat or phone calls once you accept the offer.

Push Notification

The has a push notification feature for users. The feature is essential for users to notify them about essential information.
For instance, Once a professional arrived at the right place, he/she can press the arrive button where notification and message will automatically come to the user. On the progress bar, it will reflect that the professional has arrived.

Create and View the invoice

The app has an invoice feature for features. With this feature’s help, the professional can create an invoice, and the user can view the invoice once the work is completed.

Give Ratings

The app has ratings and reviews features for the users. This feature allows users to give ratings to the professional for their service. This feature is beneficial for other users as they can check the reviews of users(who have already used the service) and make a purchase according to the reviews.

Orders History

The Users can check all the details of previous orders. This feature helps to save users time and keep them informed about all their purchases.

Top features that we have included in a PaginAzul Driver App:

Login or Sign up

Login or Sign up feature in the PaginAzul Driver app is the same as the PaginAzul app. Users can enter the app by adding their personal information such as name, phone number, and email.
They can also sign up in the app by integrating their social media app.


The users are allowed to create their profiles. They can create their profile by adding essential information, profile picture, age, sex, etc.

Managing Orders

The app allows you to manage all the orders receives from the clients. You can earn money based on the orders you will receive.

Push Notification

Just like the PaginAzul app, the PaginAzul has the same push notification feature.

Live Tracking

The app has a live tracking feature that helps you to find the exact location of the users.

Live Chat

The app has a live chat feature that allows you to connect with your clients via live chat or phone calls once you receive the offer.

How to install and use the PaginAzul app?

To install the PaginAzul app, you need to measure the following steps:

  • First, you need to go to the App Store & Google Play Store and search for the PaginAzul app.
  • Second, You need to Click on the PaginAzul & PaginAzul Driver app and click on the install button.
  • Third, Once the app is installed, you can find the app on your home screen.
  • Forth, Open the App and Sign up to create your account.
  • Fifth, select the services that you require and ask for a proposal request.
  • Sixth, Choose the professional as per their profile and select the one.
  • Seventh, Professionals are right on their way to your home.

Now you can enjoy the service and pay the amount via app or cash.


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